Joe Holland

eco-social philosopher & Catholic theologian


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    An Occasional Paper from what is now the Pacem in Terris Center for Catholic Social Teaching.

    It explores the human journey through the Primal, Classical, and Modern Eras,

and now into the Postmodern Era, which is global and electronic-ecological.

A critique of the shallow interpretation of Roman Catholic clericalism

as only a psychological problem or organizational culture.

In fact, it is a deeply seated and ancient institutional system that has always been anti-evangelical.

Now, however, after the late-modern collapse of Catholic church-state partnerships,

it has become sociologically dysfunctional and eccentric, as well as sometimes pathological.

This brief essay summarizes Joe's short book titled:


Three Historical Stages in the Legislation of

a Non-Evangelical, Now Dysfunctional, and Sometimes Pathological Institution

(Pacem in Terris Press, 2018)